REACH Alert!

We are happy to announce that we are now using REACH Alert to send you timely information relevant to the church congregation.

What does this mean for you? We will be able to better communicate with you by providing immediate information regarding a number of potential situations.  As a user of REACH Alert, you will be in control of how you receive your messages from us. This means you will be able to:

  • Choose up to three ways to receive your messages – email, voice call, text messaging.
  • Add up to four devices – email addresses and/or phone numbers through which you want to receive your messages.
  • Update your contact information at any time – add an email address and phone number when you register, then login to update your info today or three years from now.

However, if you don’t register, you won’t receive our messages or the benefits above.

Registration takes less than a minute to complete! To register, go to and click on the blue text, “Create an account.” When prompted, please use the following information to register for our Network.

Network Name: Broadway Baptist Church

Role: Member

If you already have a REACH Alert account for another group (school, neighborhood, work, etc.), you may simply log in and choose “Join Network.” Then follow the instructions above.

If you opted to receive text alerts rather than voice calls, REACH Alert will send a text message to your cell phone immediately upon completion of your registration.  Please enter the 4-digit number on the registration screen and then click the word “VALIDATE”.  If you do not receive this message, please call REACH Alert.

If you have difficulty registering, or need assistance of any kind, you may contact REACH Alert at (877) 307-9313 or The church staff is also available to provide assistance as needed.