Youth Envelope Fundraiser

You will soon see something new in the Atrium and Friendship Hall on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights! You will see envelopes, numbered 1-100. Each envelope will cost the same amount as its number, so envelope number 1 will cost $1, envelope number 50 will cost $50, and so forth. Inside each envelope you purchase will be the picture of, and some information about, one of our youth here at Broadway. Our hope is that you will put this someplace where you will see it regularly, and when you see it, you will take a moment to pray for that youth. Then throughout the rest of the school year and the summer, I would encourage you to continue to follow up with that youth and see how you can continue to specifically pray for them. Thank you in advance for the many ways that Broadway supports, includes, and encourages the youth ministry!

~Chris Liles