Thank You, Bereavement Team

Over the past four months, I think it is safe to assume that we have had more deaths within our church than during any four month period in our church’s history. We have said farewell to very fine people. One of the real privileges of being a church is having the opportunity to celebrate the life and mourn the death of a person, and to accompany their family during this time of grief. 

I’ve always been proud of how seriously Broadway takes this responsibility.  And I want to thank all those who have helped us to fulfill that responsibility much more frequently than we would have liked during this season.  I especially want to thank the Bereavement Team, a group of volunteers who prepare a meal or a reception when we have a funeral at Broadway.  They organize and accomplish this with no staff oversight whatsoever, and they quietly and faithfully handle everything that comes up.  My thanks also to our sexton crew, our administrative staff, and to Robert Gammon, who see to it that all the behind the scenes tasks are done with care.

~Chris Caldwell