Marriage Ministry:

Most of you are not surprised to hear that our church hosts many weddings every year. What you may not know is how seriously we take our marriage ministry at Broadway. Couples who use our church as their wedding venue are required to take part in marriage ministry classes together through our counseling center. These classes are designed to help the couples as they prepare for marriage through traditional pre-marital counseling, but also through interaction with other couples in the same stage of life, as well as through the welcoming and loving environment of Broadway Baptist.

The Marriage Ministry classes take place during the Sunday School hour, so many of the couples choose to join us for worship afterwards. It is a great opportunity to introduce them to this wonderful community of faith. Please be in prayer for the couples currently taking part in our marriage ministry, and the ones who will come to Broadway in the future. If you see any of these couples in the Atrium or Sanctuary, please take a moment to reach out to them and offer the hospitality that we are known for!
~Emily Holladay