A Look Back: Parents Night Out

This past Christmas break, I helped watch kids at an event at my church called Parents Night Out, which allowed parents to drop their children off and not have to worry about them for a few hours. The children spent the evening playing games, making crafts, eating, running around, and watching The Polar Express. I stayed in the gym for most of the night making sure no one got into any accidents on the tricycle, but I’d go around looking for help somewhere else when the kids got tired of playing around in the gym.

I don’t consider myself terrific with kids, but I try to help out at church whenever I can, and they usually make it easy on me anyway. I’ve noticed that most of the time when a child does something wrong, he or she knows that it’s wrong and admits to it, instead of pretending that it didn’t happen like many others would do. They are all surprisingly conscious of what is right and what is wrong at such a young age. These aren’t major crimes or anything of course, the biggest offense is is usually making a mess of the ball pit or stealing someone’s toy, but they always own up to what they’ve done and apologize. I really appreciate the time I get to spend with them no matter the event, and I look forward to the next time I get to work with them.

~Davis Jones