Stewardship - Chris Caldwell

I once made a hole-in-one, and it was awkward.  I mean, I was playing alone, and since nobody was with me, what was I supposed to do? Jump in the air? Shout? If a golfer screams on a tee box, and nobody is there, does he make a sound?  All this to say, I do not count naturally infectious enthusiasm as one of my gifts. But let me just say, I am growing more and more excited about God’s spirit being alive in our church! 

I’ll confess I had apprehensions about our discernment process: “What if we do this, get a sense of God’s calling, and then the church just doesn’t step up?” Instead, I’m feeling very strongly that narrowing our focus to these four priorities is reinvigorating us as we focus on God’s mission. I believe we are moving into a great period in the history of our church!

Our stewardship effort —”Fulfilling the Vision”—is a vital step in this process. Please return your Personal Commitment card by the first Sunday in October.  In November, we will be voting on a budget aimed at Fulfilling the Vision, but we need to know the level of financial support before we can move forward with the plan. Ministry plans are being finalized now and will be updated on the website in early October. I will also be sending out a summary of the plan to the congregation.  

I’ll see you on Sunday!