Discernment Process

Our congregational discernment process is moving forward. Members of our discernment team, along with others who were trained to help, met in small groups with over 75 youth and adults in the church. They talked with them about times when Broadway has had special meaning for them, and they talked with them about God’s hopes and dreams for Broadway’s future.  The thoughts were compiled and discussed by the discernment team, and then a second set of conversations among members occurred at the pot luck luncheon a few weeks ago. That day the team got some feedback and clarification. 

Now the team will work on distilling and prioritizing the feedback into a report about where the congregation feels God is leading us.  On the basis of this, the staff, along with committees, teams, deacons, and other lay leaders, will make specific plans and set specific goals to help us move in that direction.

My thanks to the discernment team and to all those who are participating in the conversation! 


- Chris Caldwell