Stewardship Recap

Dear Partners in Ministry at Broadway,
The Stewardship Team is glad to report that our Personal Commitments to Ministry (pledges) increased this year by $28,000.  But there is further good news: We received this year $30,000 in commitments from new members and people pledging for the first time.  We are glad to see new people and new energy!  
We recieved a total of 162 cards and we're thankful for the good news of this broad base of support.The last bit of good news is actually good/bad news.  Based on analysis by our Church Administrator, Betsy Cherry, it appears that households which pledged and gave around $73,000 last year, and who by all indications are continuing to give at that level this year, did not get around to turning in a pledge card.  But with the increase in Personal Commitments, along with this $73,000 amount not counted as part of the pledge total, it appears that our financial support for ministry this year should be strong.