May You Live In Christ

Beginning March 11, Rev. Robert “Robin” T. Jennings, the former rector at St. Francis in the Fields, will lead the Wednesday night adult programming in Friendship Hall.  The four-week session will be based on his book, "May You Live in Christ!: Spiritual Growth Through The Vision of St. Peter." The book will be available at cost ($15.00).   The schedule and further information is listed below.

March 11   May you Live in Christ
March 18   Receiving the Vision
March 25   Seeing the Vision
April 1        Living the Vision

With these simple, but powerful words, “May you live in Christ,” St. Peter cast a vision for the early Christians by inviting them to become participants in the divine nature of Jesus Christ.  Yes, Peter the impulsive, conflicted, oftentimes stubborn disciple was transformed by the vision of life in Christ that helped him to grow, develop, mature and change right before the eyes of all who walked with him.  Out of his human nature a far deeper spiritual nature was revealed because Peter was given a vision to live like never before. This same vision is made available to us right now. It is described in the early writings of Peter and it will provide a framework for our four-week study. During our time together we will discuss: how to receive a vision for living in Christ; where to look for and recognize this vision in our everyday life; and what will help us see our life in Christ grow into a new and more fulfilling life that is not simply mortal but really is eternal.