Deacon Ordination

January 6, 6:10 p.m., Chapel
Church historian Bill Leonard once observed that, in terms of church structure, “Baptists have always walked around with their shirttails hanging out.” Occasionally someone will ask me who is in charge at our church. My answer is a couple paragraphs long, and always begins with, “Well.......” and ends with, “the congregation.”  In some churches a military top-down sort of model exists, with the pastor at the top.  That’s not how it works at Broadway. On the most important issues, the congregation has the final word.

The congregation, however, delegates some of its authority to deacons (and to committees). Deacons are lay (not clergy) leaders, and some of them will be ordained or installed soon.  They make some decisions on behalf of the congregation, but, like the ministers and me, they are both leaders and servants. Our deacons help welcome new members, and they visit and keep in touch with those who are in the hospital, who are recuperating from a hospital stay, or who are homebound.

I hope you’ll come to the ordination service, and I also hope you will say a word of thanks to our deacons. They, along with other leaders in our church, are listed within the Who’s Serving Where Document

                                    ~Chris Caldwell