All Saints Sunday - Reflection

by Heidi Hilliard
This year, Frank and I felt intimidated by the all saints service as we had never participated so directly. Our family has had much sadness this year with the death of Drew and my mother within a month of each other.  My Mother’s brother also passed away two weeks after Drew. There are many families of Broadway who have had to deal with sadness this year. We actually were going out of town that weekend to visit Jonathan and Beth. When we realized we would be gone for All Saints Sunday we decided to return early. We felt we should be the ones to light the candles for Mom and Drew.  My sister, my niece, and Jacque attended so we could pay tribute to those we loved in person. We were so touched by the music and the arrangement of  “Clare du Lune” by Mark Benz on the piano. That music was one of Drew’s favorites. It was a lovely service and we made the right decision to return home.