Women on Mission Recap

I have had the pleasure of attending Women on Mission twice since joining Broadway Baptist Church.  This past meeting, Bob Johnson led us in a very thought provoking study of Moses and the five women that God chose to place in his life to nurture, protect and support him.  Dr. Albin Whitworth played the most amazing collection of old hymns effortlessly.  It was beautiful from start to finish. 

However, I was most struck by this amazing group of ladies who love God and Broadway Baptist Church.  Helen Graves (103) joined BBC at the tender age of 19.  Most of the ladies there have been active members of BBC for 30, 40, or 50 years. They continue to seek and find ways to share the gospel with the membership and the community at large. It would be easy for the group to compare aches and pains, but that simply did not
happen. Laughter and joy, smiles, and fellowship filled our morning together.

~Mary Lucy Hook