Offering Envelopes

In order to be good stewards of our money, we have recently evaluated the cost of our offering envelope mailings. We have identified another envelope company that will provide our envelopes for $500 less per year. The change to the new company occurred with the first mailing of the 2015 offering envelopes, which should have been received in December.
Members that receive envelopes will notice a change in the envelope design and also a change in the frequency of the mailings. The envelopes will now be mailed six times a year, so each mailing will contain two months of envelopes. The first mailing included envelopes forJanuary and February 2015. This change in frequency alone saved the church $250.
If you have any questions about the offering envelopes or would like to make any changes to your mailings, please contact Betsy in the church office. Please note that the next opportunity for changes will be with the mailing of the March/April envelopes for all changes received in the office by January 15.