Sharon Lin


My faith story started 50+ years ago at Broadway, so I have numerous examples of how I came to faith and how faith at Broadway has influenced my life, but I believe one of the best examples was 13 years ago. After 11 years of an illness, my body fell apart and I was faced with several serious surgeries. Broadway was without a pastor and youth minister, so the ministerial staff was low. That didn’t stop my church family though. Many church members cared for my family during this time, but the day that jolted my faith (for the good) was the day before my 1st surgery. During that day, 31 church members called me to tell me they were praying for me. I knew all of the callers, but they were all different ages and from different SS classes. The love, concern, and faith of my church family were so evident. I was overwhelmed! It was (and is) extremely touching to know that you have an extended family who truly cares about you, and it can boost your own faith.

I have always felt that Broadway is a family of faith, but that time in my life proved it. Hence, why do I choose to live out my faith at Broadway? I want to be a person who shows love and concern for others in my church family. A call or a note can make a difference and might just be the faith inspiration for someone who may need a church family member’s love at that moment in their life.