Mark Riddle

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My wife Robin and I were married by Ron Higdon in 1983. Robin grew up at Broadway, and I started regularly attending Broadway with her. Despite my faithful attendance, I had never joined the church, and maintained a 30 year status as a “member-in-law” of Broadway. During that time, our daughters, Brittany and Blair, were raised at Broadway, and the church played an important role in shaping their lives and Christian values. So much so that Brittany pursued a call to attend Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, and became an ordained minister.  

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My status changed shortly after Christmas in 2012, when Brittany baptized me in the same baptismal waters in which she had been baptized years earlier. What an amazing and moving experience! I was led to this decision to a large extent by the three strong Baptist women in my life – Robin, Brittany and Blair – but also by the strong love and support from the ministers and members of Broadway during good times and difficult times.  For these and so many other reasons, Broadway has truly been a blessing in my life.