Lilly Davis

My life has been blessed and abundantly enriched by Broadway Baptist Church going all the way back to my childhood. I have felt God’s presence working in my life through my involvement and membership at Broadway during every phase of life thus far. During my years in the Children’s Ministry, Christ’s love was taught to me in countless ways, which in turn, laid a solid foundation for further growing my faith as I became older.

My time in the Youth Ministry was marked by understanding my identity in Christ and the importance of intentionally pursuing a relationship with Him.

The strong roots that were planted for me in Broadway from a young age have spurred me on through college and now into young adulthood.

I have carried these precious lessons and values with me through every step and continue to be spiritually fed by the body of Christ at Broadway Baptist.

Broadway makes up such a large and significant part of who I am today. It has blessed me with fellowship, love and opportunities, but most importantly, with a home, a church home, that sincerely cares for and nurtures my faith in Christ.

And as a Christian, I could not have prayed for more.