Noelle Bailey

Noelle Bailey
  Before coming to Broadway I considered myself to have a relatively
  simple faith. I generally intuit some things before rationalizing them
  and that went for my faith as well. I have always been okay with the
  idea that we can't always explain everything or fully understand
  everything bc we are human and God can't be put in a box. I don't
  necessarily think that viewpoint is wrong, but my parents raised me to
  value education and being educated requires critical thought and
  questioning and even doubt. Broadway has given me not only a "place"
  that encourages that kind of thought, but "people" who encourage,
  nurture, and challenge me to grow.  I have been fortunate to be
  surrounded by friends at Broadway who have God at the center of their
  lives and the love of Christ in their hearts.  They've encouraged me
  and helped me to live not just an internal faith, but to become more
  comfortable expressing my faith to others.  Without Broadway and her
  people I never would have gotten there on my own. I've felt confirmed
  in my own beliefs but challenged to grow and contemplate my faith in
  new ways.  And I've been able to hear other people express beliefs
  verbally which at times I've held deeply in my heart but didn't have
  the words to express.  It's been the people of Broadway living their
  faith that has had the biggest impact on my own faith over the last
  several years.  So I guess the thing that has become most apparent to
  me since I've been at Broadway is a pretty simple concept: that we as
  a church body and as God's people are charged to be representatives of
  God's love. That challenge involves being responsible for the growth,
  education, and well-being of our church family, but is meant to extend
much further than that. We are lucky. We have each other, but there are so
many people outside our walls who don't have the same support.
  I've learned at Broadway that we aren't expected to always be perfect,
  goodness knows I'm not, and it's not our job to judge and condemn.
  It's our job to support each other, to love each other, and to show
  Gods love to others. The people of broadway have done that for me more
  than I can put into words, and through our focus on missions I've seen
  it in action outside church walls as well.  Ive also gained a greater
  understanding that it is our job to love our church. And showing love
  in that regard equals a duty to serve where needed.  We are called to
  give of ourselves, but in reality I've learned that giving is
  symbiotic with receiving and I've gained just as much, if not more, in
  those moments.  "From everyone to whom much has been given, much will
  be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even
  more will be demanded." Luke 12:48.  I've learned I'm so lucky to be
  here, at this church, surrounded by amazingly supportive people, and
  because of that I know I have an even greater responsibility to this
family and to the people outside our walls who aren't so lucky.