Patricia Sullivan-Schrenk

When I think about my Christian Journey, I realize it is not unique or unusual or remarkable. My mom took myself and my two sisters to Church and Sunday School. My dad was Methodist. He was a bible reader and shared that with me. Mom was the living example of generosity in kindness and sincere concern. I believe our family was very typical. Both my parents worked. I was in Junior High School (Middle School today) when we had our first television. 

Between the early teen years, I was active in the youth groups and choirs at Walnut Street baptist. Mom or Dad drove me there from the west end of Louisville until I had a drivers licence. 

My closest friends are part of my church family. When a very premature Grandchild was born.  My church was there. When I experienced divorce, my church friends were there. When my parents passed away, my church friends were there. I cannot imagine an earthly life without a supportive church family.  

The never ending unconditional love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is always there encouraging me to try to live in t his world the example of the Son, Jesus. 

This is my story and I'm stickin' to it! 

- Patricia Sullivan-Schrenk