Beth Kimbell

Although we come from backgrounds of faith, until we found Broadway, many times Scott and I felt out of place at church. In 2001 or so, about five years after joining Broadway, we began attending a Sunday School class that would quickly reactivate our long-stagnant faith journey. It was time for us get serious about what we believed. After all, we’d become parents and wanted to raise our children in an authentic faith. Louis Twyman led the way. With open minds and hearts, we looked at biblical teaching from many theological perspectives. While building our Christian identities and growing in faith, we bonded with Broadway family through prayer, Bible study, honest conversations about difficult topics, parenting, retreats, missions, meals, good times and bad. We began to understand honoring God through living, working, parenting and our marriage. We began to better comprehend the wide scope of loving our neighbor. At Broadway, we forged meaningful relationships with church family. We feel like we belong at Broadway, growing, serving, leading, loving and being loved.