Ashley Benz

As a child, my family wandered in and out of various spiritualities but could never find a faith that seemed to fit them well. In middle school my aunt invited me to join her at a large coffee-shop church. I felt at home there and decided to join their congregation. I was baptized in seventh grade and continued my Christian journey throughout college. Not having been raised in a Christian home, I felt that I missed out on some of what regular church-goers take for granted. Marrying my husband Mark after my sophomore year of college was a huge step in my faith journey. Mark was raised a Christian home and provided me insight, education and support for my journey. We have been excited to see what Jesus has planned for our lives, including adding three beautiful children to our family. It has been a joy to teach them about their loving God and that has grown my faith as well. Our family has attended several different churches but we have found family in Broadway Baptist Church. We have been at Broadway for six years, now. I love that my church allows a safe space for personal reflection and deliberation on the Bible. The community of young people that are in my Sunday School class are my best friends. My children also have their best friends at Broadway. My favorite line in our baby dedication service is “May Broadway always be a place where this child and all children lovingly encounter Christ.” As we are all children of God, I appreciate that I am lovingly encountering Jesus Christ at Broadway Baptist Church.