Susan Reed

Faith is at the very core of who I am - having been passed down to me through my family and through years of personal growth.  Church and faith have been a constant presence throughout my life.  When I began to make my own decisions and face times of uncertainty in life, I worked to make my faith my own.   Through times of struggle and change I realized God’s presence was consistent even when the people and things around me were not.  That realization strengthened my desire to grow in faith – in both good times and bad. 

My desire is that my belief in God directs my decisions, actions, and motivations.  I strive for my faith to guide how I live, how I treat others and how I view the world.  I strive to be like Christ – speaking whatever words of truth I may have, offering healing when I can, and serving God through serving those around me.  

Broadway has been a pivotal place of growth for me over the past few years.  It has offered a place of support, encouragement, and challenge.  I love being a part of a community of all ages.  I have plenty to learn from those who have experienced life and faith outside of my own experiences.  I like to think I have some of my own lessons and stories to offer others.  Broadway is a place that nurtures those within the walls, while remembering our greater call to those in our community and our world.