Bible Study at Broadway

Broadway holds it’s major Bible study programs of the church on Sunday mornings.  Many of our classes are involved in mission projects, special activities, and social gatherings throughout the year. Classes vary in size and format. Some classes are inter-generational, others are geared around ages and/or life situations.  You are encouraged to visit several classes in order to choose the one that best meets your needs. Classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:45 to 10:45. All classes are listed below. If you have any questions or would like additional information about a Sunday school class, please email Susan Reed or call (502) 895-2459.

Top 10 Reasons for Attending Bible Study

10. To develop a sense of community with others
9. To promote spiritual and mental health
8. To discover your “church” within the larger church
7. To develop lifelong spiritual friendships
6. To find ways to serve others
5. To ask questions about faith
4. To learn more about the Bible
3. To discover scripture as inspiration for living
2. To seek God’s will for your life
1. To be formed in the likeness of Christ

Co-ed Classes

Discovery Class, Family Life Center Fireside Room
With a strong emphasis on community and faith in everyday life, this self-led class uses magazine articles, stories from the news, and other media sources as catalysts for discussion. The group meets in the Family Life Center, Fireside Room. General age range: 30 – 70+

Ed Perry and SALT (Serving and Learning Together) Class, Overlook Room, B-201
This class may study an entire book of the Bible with related commentaries or select a specific topic to study. The class is led by two regular teachers, with class members following along in their Bibles to study the text together. This makes the lessons less structured with regular input from the class. General age range: 50+.

Emmaus Class, Third Floor E-203
In Luke 24 Jesus meets some disciples on the road to Emmaus.  They walk along together talking about faith and about all the things that had been happening in Jerusalem.  Eventually the disciples’ eyes are opened and they recognize Jesus.  The Emmaus class is also on a journey of faith. This class has assigned scripture reading each week (usually 3-4 chapters) and comes together on Sundays at 10:00 to talk about what they have learned. General Age range 20-60+, all ages of adults are welcome!

The George Carver Class, Friendship Hall
The George Carver Class Studies material including the Bible and Baptist Way Press curriculum. The teacher presents the lesson and encourages wide-ranging discussion after reading a Bible passage. General age range: 60+.

Seekers, a Narrative Lectionary Bible Study Class, Lower Level Meeting Room

This age/gender inclusive group seeks to maintain a warm and accepting atmosphere of learning and caring. We are guided by a four year cycle of study designed to cover the movement of God among God’s people from creation onward. Basic study materials are accessed through the Working Preacher app available for a small fee.

Study leaders are Karen Eller and Bob Johnson. Background and exegetical material is presented to enhance group discussion that results in an expanding love for God’s written word and practical application of biblical truth. In addition, social gatherings are planned several times a year in the homes of members.General age range: 20 – 80+.

The N.T. Armstrong Class, Friendship Hall
The N. T. Armstrong Class studies material including the Bible and Baptist Way Press curriculum. This is a class of people who have strong biblical content and lively discussion. General age range: 60+

Stained Glass Class, Third Floor E-204
This class meets each week 10-10:45 am and uses a video/discussion curriculum. This curriculum focuses on how faith plays out in everyday life.  It does not involve “homework,” but encourages engaging conversation! General age range: 20 – 45+.

Theophilus Class, Third Floor E-201
The Theophilus Class studies material including the Bible, Baptist Way Press curriculum, and other special studies. Weekly rotating teachers lead a discussion on a Bible passage with wide-ranging participation. General age range: 45+.


Women’s Classes

Lydia Class, Friendship Hall
The Lydia Class studies material including the Bible and Baptist Way Press curriculum. One teacher leads the class in a robust discussion with a focus on a close examination of a biblical text. This class is known for its strong, caring outreach to members. General age range: 60+.

Women of Grace Class, Parlor
This is an intergenerational women’s Bible study class. The teaching style is a combination of lecture and discussion with an emphasis on life application of biblical truths.  General age range: 40 - 75+