2017 - 2018 Ministry Plan

Each year our congregation creates a Ministry Plan to guide our work.  This year, our Ministry Plan has a theme: Prayer and Blessing.  This theme is woven into much of what we will be doing in the three areas that are the primary focus of the church mission statement, which reads:

We seek to learn, live and proclaim Christ’s message of grace, hope, and love through worship, fellowship, and service.

These three areas of focus woven throughout the 2078-18 Ministry Plan are:

  1. Worship/Spiritual Formation

  2. Fellowship

  3. Service

Our latest plans are for fall 2017 until fall 2018. To see the details of the ministry plans in each of our main ministry program areas, click on the links below.  

Highlights Within The Plan
Priority One, Worship/Spiritual Formation

  • Use the mediums of artistic creativity and expression to add value and meaning to the seasons of Advent and Lent. In addition, shed more light on the spiritual aspects of such Sundays as Epiphany Sunday, All Saints Sunday, and Pentecost Sunday. Also, continue to offer other themes throughout the year that assist us in spiritual formation and in praise and adoration of God.

  • Enrich new guest’s experience at Broadway by improving accessibility of information, hospitality, and follow-up after first visit

  • Continue implementation of Shine Curriculum in Sunday School, including Storybook Bibles for every family to use to further their spiritual development each week. Encourage Children to incorporate “wondering” into their Bible reading, increasing their connection to the Biblical text.

  • Small group options that include intensive Bible Study, Spiritual Practices, faith as it relates to current issues, and book studies. We will offer at least 5 groups in the fall and 5 groups in the spring.

  • Youth will continue to lead in church-wide worship services through reading scripture, litanies, and prayers. They will also lead a church-wide worship service in its entirety from planning to implementation.


Priority Two: Fellowship

  • Host Family Dinner Fellowships to engage new members and members who have not plugged in for a while.

  • Host at least four family socials at the church or other venues for community building amongst families and children.

  • Holiday Concert by Louisville Orchestra in December

  • We will have Paired Sunday School classes which are two classes joining together to share a lesson and ideas. We will do this once in the fall and once in the spring to help classes from differing age groups and interests get to know one another better.

  • Fellowship/community nights will be held one a month on Sunday nights rotating to different youth and church host homes. This will be a time of team building, Bible Study and games.

PRIORITY Three: Service

  • Participation in St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce annual events at Brown Park, which involve many community families.

  • Associate Pastor to be present in local schools at least twice per month, having lunch with children from church or assisting in classrooms.

  • Host local High School or Middle School Choirs/Retreats.

  • We will create a small group “team” to do projects as needed with Ministry Partners. Work time will also include a time of prayer and devotion.

  • Speakers from the missions committee will meet with the youth to share more about how the Missions funding and service of Broadway impacts our community.

A look Back to 2016-17

For a review of our previous 2016-17 Ministry plan please click the links below.