We have come a long way as a congregation since our founding in 1870 and our relocation to this spot in 1949. Our facilities have also marked the time with us. We have used our sacred spaces on Brownsboro Road over and over again since their first construction in 1949. Every day, week, and month, our many ministries depend on the physical infrastructure provided by our facilities. We would not be who we are today, or who we will be in the future, without dependable and functional spaces.

What are the campaign goals?

The financial goal is to raise $500,000 over the course of three years.

How can I give to the capital campaign?


Our three strategic ministry goals are flourishing: 

Growing Younger Populations

  • Creative Arts Camp

  • Young Adult Sunday School classes

  • Parents Night Out

  • Trunk or Treat

  • Numerous other activities for children and youth

Ministry outside the walls of the church

  • Jubilate Youth Choir Tour

  • Family Advent Breakfast

  • Mission Projects in Louisville and beyond

  • Disciple Now Youth Weekend

Holding Fast to our Traditions

  • All Saints Sunday

  • Baby dedications

  • Small groups

  • Sunday School classes

  • Bible Studies

  • Vacation Bible School


Frequently Asked Questions

Over the next several weeks, you will be hearing more about our capital campaign at Broadway, which will be designed to focus primarily on funding major repairs and renovations, as well as hopefully setting aside money in a “rainy day fund.” 

Here are a few questions and answers related to the campaign:

Q: What is the amount of capital repairs and improvements we are talking about?
A: A list of capital repairs and replacements that we anticipate in the next 3-5 years total at least $200,000. Desired improvements total an additional $100,000. Any excess will constitute a reserve fund to last through the next decade. 

Q: Who will oversee the prioritization and execution of repairs?
A: The Building Maintenance Committee. 

Q: Who will broadly oversee the spending of the money raised, including whether we have sufficient funds to accomplish some of the improvements?
A: The Finance Committee. 

Q: Who will assure that Capital Campaign funds are spent only on capital items?
A: The Finance Committee. Expenditures will be included in a quarterly finance report. 

Q: When will we launch the campaign?
A: April 2016

Q: When will we begin receiving gifts?
A: May 2016

Q: How long will we be receiving gifts?
A: Three years.



Key Campaign Dates: 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

  • Kickoff

  • Materials distributed to congregation

Sunday, May 1, 2016

  • Commitment

Sunday, May 22, 2016

  • First Fruits

  • Celebrate Campaign Total

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