Stewardship is important to us.  We believe we are called to use wisely the resources God has entrusted to us as a church and as individuals.  Toward that end, Broadway tithes as a congregation, meaning ten percent of every gift we receive is given to worthy ministries beyond Broadway that are involved in education, service to those in need, and missions.  For a listing of our partners in ministry, click here.  Every decade, Broadway invests over a million dollars in these ministries beyond our congregation.

Our church operates on an annual budget proposed by our Finance Committee and approved by a vote of the church.  Our church treasurer presents a financial report regular to our deacons (the closest thing we have to a “board”), as well as quarterly to our church membership at church business meetings. Below you will find a summary copy of our current budget and a copy of our end of year financial reports. Our annual Ministry Plan provides a fuller description of our goals and how we use our members' gifts.