Testimony - April 25 - Jeff Sanders

Minute for Ministry April 25, 2016
Good morning….I moved to Louisville in 1988 after I graduated from college. I was dating Sarah at the time and we starting looking for a church home as a couple. Even though Sarah grew up at Broadway, we looked around at several churches but came back to Broadway for the people and warmth of this community of faith. Later, we got married in this sanctuary and I still remember the joy I felt when I saw her walking down the aisle. And yes, I know…I did marry up!
Fast forward a few years and we have our daughters, Emily and then Meagan. I remember the excitement and anxiousness of a new parent at each of their baby dedications – just like the one that we are about to have for Liam Whitehead. Both of our girls have been loved and supported here. They learned stories in Sunday School and children’s church of God’s love for them. They sang in choir and played handbells as Broadway encourages children and youth to lead us in worship. As teenagers, both learned to serve others through hands-on activities and mission trips in the youth group. They both followed their calling and asked to join the church. They were baptized here – right up there. They have made lifelong friendships and created wonderful memories because of their involvement in their church home.

Through Broadway, Sarah and I have been given opportunities to learn, to teach, to lead and to serve both in the church and in the community. We have played on sports teams together over the years. We too have lifelong friends that we have made. We have been given the opportunity to grow as individuals and Christians in our church home. 

When my mother moved back to Louisville 2 ½ years ago, she joined the church because it felt right for her. We did not talk about it beforehand but on her first Sunday here, she just got up and walked down the aisle to join. She felt at home here. This is her church home now.
I have seen first-hand the encouraging, loving impact that this church has had on my family. And my heart is grateful. 

Now my church needs my assistance. The capital campaign committee has done a great job of helping me to understand why we need to do this, what the funds will be used for and how the process will work. If you have any questions about any of these, please reach out to Robin or Walter or go to the church website. They have a lot of great information posted there. Sarah and I have committed to help. This is our church home. 

Next Sunday (May 1st) is commitment Sunday. We will have pledge boxes at all the doors of the sanctuary for you to turn in your pledge cards. In the meantime, the committee has reached out to the deacons and numerous other leaders in the church to ask for them to submit their commitments a little early so that we could share with you how well this campaign has started. At this time, we have $178,000 committed of the $500,000 goal. $178,000. That is a great start!

If you have not already committed, I hope that you will spend some time this week thinking and praying about your decision. Your church home needs you as well.  Thank you.