Chris' Column - Staff Covenant

Most people in the church don’t know that our ministerial team has some guiding statements we call our “Covenant.”  These are promises we make to one another in order to work efficiently and with integrity.  As my column this week, I thought I would share with you this document. We have a great team of ministers, and I’m proud to serve with them!

~Chris Caldwell

Broadway Ministerial Staff Covenant (revised November 2014)

•    We are a group of ministers who recognize and respect each other’s call, and who work to build trust with each other.
•    We will be candid, talking to each other and not about each other, and we will work to grow a culture of honest communication on our staff and in the church.
•    Confidentiality

  • Level one confidentiality for us means we will not discuss this beyond the staff at all, including spouses.
  • Level two confidentiality means we are allowing our fellow ministers to exercise discretion regarding who they will discuss an item with.

•    In a situation where a person is a threat to themselves or others, or where a person is being abused, this information will be shared with the pastor and the appropriate authorities, as required by law.
•    We will multiply our efforts by equipping others. We will minister to members, with members, but not in place of members.
•    We will teach and lead by example as mentors.
•    When we cannot reach a consensus or do not have time to reach a consensus, Chris will have the responsibility to make the call, but we will also have the freedom to question that call.
•    We will strive for excellence, while at the same time making wise decisions regarding the stewardship of time.
•    We will work hard but also encourage one another toward a healthy balance of work and rest. We will minimize communication on days off and vacations, and we will establish boundaries and a process for reaching us when we are off.
•    We will take time to retreat together once a year.
•    We will keep Chris and the administrative staff informed about our work schedules.
•    We will treat all members of the church staff as vital team members.