Dawn Stambaugh

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How has being a part of Broadway Baptist Church blessed my life?

As a young married couple, becoming a member of Broadway in 1984 was a very defining, important, and positive decision that Ron and I made for our family. Having both been raised in church (Ron, in Cincinnati and me, here in Louisville), we wanted to find a church home of our own. After visiting many churches for several years, we kept coming back to Broadway. We were looking for a church that taught about Jesus’ love, allowed us to ask tough questions and didn’t judge us for our questions - a church that has open, intelligent, thoughtful dialogue while teaching and living God’s grace. We found Broadway to be that church where we have also been blessed to find loving and cherished friends.

Raising our daughters, Bethany and Kelly, in a church family where they have been affirmed, encouraged, loved, nurtured, and taught by wonderful Sunday School teachers, ministers, and friends to follow and serve Christ has blessed us beyond measure. They also have learned the importance of serving others within and outside the walls of the church building. Their experiences of Sunday School, church camps, children and youth choirs, VBS, Lock-ins, mission trips, etc., have shaped their life to love God and love people.

Our Broadway family has shared our joys, encouraged us, walked beside us during difficult times and sustained us during family losses. Broadway has been the hands, arms, and feet of Christ for our family and we are blessed to serve, worship, and do our faith walk in this house of God.