Chris Liles

    I came to faith through parents who ensured I was in church. Sundays and Wednesdays were church days; this was non-negotiable. As a result, I learned the importance of church to my family. It was the place they learned about God and deepened their faith lives, and it became that for me as well. I came to faith surrounded by people who mentored me, gave me the opportunity to ask questions about God and the “big questions in life,” and shared their own stories of faith and how God had made a difference in their own lives. 
    Faith continues to be an integral part of my life because I have seen through my own experience how God can work. I have seen peace in friends facing terminal illnesses, hope for those who have lost a family member or friend, and a community that loved and supported me during my own struggles. My faith grounds me. It informs the decisions I make and how I try to view and interact with people in the world. More than anything, faith teaches me about the necessity of grace, for myself and for other people. 
    Broadway has been a place where I have experienced that grace over and over again. From a substantial focus on missions, especially in the Louisville community, to a deep love and support of the Children’s and Youth ministries, Broadway is focused on the growth of relationships, both interpersonally and with God, and they patiently work with and allow that growth to happen, regardless of the age or circumstance of the person. That is what I love about ministering at Broadway.