Leslie Cashion

Like many minister's kids, faith was something built in from the beginning. Going to church from the time you were born will do that to you. As soon as I could understand what it meant to have faith, to believe in Jesus, I began my personal journey. As a minister's child, you can feel pressured to be a "perfect" Christian, to set an example. I did my best to live up to this expectation, which made my faith more of a performance of how I believed a Christian should act. Graduating high school, escaping my tiny hometown helped leave mentality behind. I began to experience real faith, finding God not only in church or worship but in thin places throughout my life. 

My faith, my continued desire for God's will, can influence me in almost every moment of the day. Throughout the past year, God has been revealed in everything: song lyrics blasting through my car stereo, a good conversation with friends, or a peaceful moment walking through the forest. I challenge myself to be open to God's message every moment of the day. 

My life at Broadway Baptist both feeds my spiritual life and allows me to assist in other's spiritual growth. Singing in the choir is worship, while assisting in the communal service. Developing Gen Next and FREE discipleship programs challenges me to continue studying and growing in my faith while striving to serve with others. Being involved in BBC has allowed me to grow both in faith and life.